Ambassador and Volunteer Program

Meet our Ambassadors and Volunteers

The primary function of our ambassador program is to help spread the word about the Folsom Lake Symphony, recommend us whenever possible and help foster brand awareness. By hosting events, taking to social media, and being a brand resource, our  Ambassadors are planting deep roots within the Folsom Lake area.

2022-23 Ambassadors:

  • Nada Boatright
  • William and Carol Estee
  • Eric and Maria Hanson
  • Robert and Margaret MacDonald
  • Larry and Mary Mason
  • Bob and Michele Sams
  • Michael and Constance Savko

Join the Folsom Lake Symphony and share in the pride of supporting the Region’s premier orchestra. Your contribution of time and skills will help keep the music alive for generations to come.

2022-23 Volunteers: 

  • Dale and Francesca Anderson, Musician Food Services
  • Bobbi Bennett, Community Liaison
  • Rhonda Butcher, Business Liaison
  • Sarah Kooshian, College Liaison
  • Charlene Taylor, Charm Photography, Symphony Photographer
  • Deb Penrice, Media Production & Graphics
  • Clark Shueh, Stage Manager & Web Master
  • Jeremy Shueh, Backstage Production & Musician Food Services
Yvonne Alicea Wendy Boggs Pat Brown Rhonda Butcher Marcus Cambridge
Joannie Chi Mark Christensen Gloria Costigan Lauren Earle Julia Earle
Carol Estee Jennifer Keck Joy Knight Susanne Logan Vana Lott
Carie Ann Mansour Louis Mansour Karen Naab Deb Penrice Lisa Prosper
Bob Sams Michele Sams Darla Sarabia Pablo Sarabia Mia Terry-Samuels
Clark Shueh Jeremy Shueh John Soltesz Marilyn Stoops Christina Thomas
Julie Winger Caitlin Wong Kara Yen Preston Yen

To learn more about becoming a volunteer, either send an email with your contact information along with areas of interest or call 916-357-6718 to begin exploring the possibilities.