Ticketing FAQs

Q. Do you require attendees to be vaccinated and wear a mask?
A. Visit www.harriscenter.net/visit/covid-19-safety for the latest Harris Center COVID-19 safety requirements. Be sure to read the safety requirements before purchasing your tickets.

Q. What is your refund policy?
A. Ticket purchases are non-refundable except when a concert is cancelled.

Q. Can I purchase tickets at the door on the day of the concert?
A. Yes.  The Harris Center Ticket Office is open for 1 hour before showtime, and you can purchase a ticket at that time.

Q. I never received my tickets, even though I remember paying for them. What do I do?
A. Contact the Harris Center Ticket Office (916-608-6888 to replace your tickets via mail or will call).

Q. I arrived at the concert and forgot my tickets, can I still attend the concert?
A. Yes. Ask for replacement tickets at the ticket office window.

Q. Can my ticket be given to someone else? I noticed the ticket has the name of the original purchaser.
A. Yes, Your ticket can be given to someone else.

Q. I cannot attend the concert. Can I donate my tickets?
A. Yes. Call 916-357-6718 at least 24 hours in advance of the concert.

Q. Is it safe to purchase a ticket from a reseller?
A. We strongly advise our patrons to only purchase tickets directly from the Harris Center.  Although reselling tickets is legal in the State of California; these tickets are often very expensive, offer limited customer service, and can be a scam.  Protect yourself and purchase only through the Harris Center. Tickets can be purchased at the box office (916-608-6888), open Tuesday – Friday, noon to 5pm, or at the website at harriscenter.net

Concert Day FAQs

Q. What time should I arrive at the concert?
A. The lobby doors open 1 hour before the concert.  Theater doors open for seating approximately 30 minutes before the concert.

Q. How long does the concert run for?
A. Approximately 2 hours and includes a 20-minute intermission. The June “pops” concert and the December “holiday” concerts run a bit longer, 2.5 hours and includes a 20-minute intermission.

Q. Is a parking pass needed?
A. In the past, a parking pass was automatically included with your ticket purchase. Now a parking pass must be purchased separately, starting July 1, 2023. There will be a “pop up” option to purchase a parking pass when purchasing a concert ticket online. Please go to the Harris Center website (harriscenter.net/event/parking) for all the options available to purchase a parking pass.

Q. Can I still attend the concert if I miss the beginning?
A.  Yes. Ushers will seat late-comers between pieces.

Q. What should I wear to the concert?
A. Most people wear business attire to dressy casual clothing.  Please be mindful of others who may have sensitivity to perfume or cologne.

Q. I have a walker. Is there room to store it at my seat?
A. The usher will tag the walker and give you a matching tag. The usher will return the walker to you at the end of the concert.

Q. Can I take pictures or make a recording of the concert?
A. No, pictures or any type of recording are prohibited during the concert.

Q. Can I volunteer for the symphony?
A. Absolutely! You can email the symphony (info@folsomlakesymphony.com) or visit our symphony table, on concert days, in the Harris Center lobby. Provide your contact information and areas of interest such as rehearsal set-ups, donor support, musician support, marketing and public relations.