Senior Outreach

Symphony reaches out to the “Young at Heart” with three new programs

As part of our commitment to inspire and create community through our music to the region, the Folsom Lake Symphony now offers three senior outreach programs.

  1. Seniors at Our Concerts
    The symphony distributes tickets for its two Sunday matinees, in December and June, among several area senior and assisted-living communities so their residents can enjoy our live performances for free. This concert experience encourages social interaction and creates cherished memories to remember.
  2. At “Home” Performances
    We realize it may be difficult for some seniors to leave their facilities and come to the concert hall, so we bring the music to them with small ensembles of symphony musicians performing at senior and assisted living residences. This also allow more seniors to experience our music in a comfortable setting.
  3. Symphony Partnerships
    For senior communities that become symphony partners, a volunteer will lead residents in craft activities such as flower arranging classes accompanied by recorded Folsom Lake Symphony music. The senior participants make and keep their own floral creations to enjoy. In addition, more frequent in-house performances are available.

These programs not only are entertaining but offer enrichment to the senior population.

Research shows music has power to help with the prevention of memory loss issues and cognitive skills. “Music engages the brain at its’ highest level of neurological excitation,” Carol Rosenstein from Music Mends Minds wrote in an email to the symphony. Engaging seniors with music can improve morale and their feelings of well-being. Certain brain chemicals are stimulated, which can reduce depression, stress, and anxiety; and increase the ability and desire to communicate, connect and participate in activities with others.    

The onsite activities offered by Folsom Lake Symphony encourage the senior residents to socialize with each other for music enjoyment and fun activities, such as flower arranging. 

Flowers, with their diverse colors and fragrances, stimulate the senses and lift everyone’s mood. Arranging displays enhances dexterity in muscles and joints – especially beneficial for arthritis. When done in groups, arranging flowers together creates a spirt of friendship.

All of these programs for the “Young at Heart” are made by possible by our generous donors and volunteers. For more information, contact Rhonda Butcher at by calling 916-835-8929 or emailing her.