Maestro’s Message

Everyone loves a good story, and composers often depict  captivating tales through their music. Such inspirations figure prominently this season—the popular romance of Porgy and Bess, Scheherazade’s Tales of 1001 Nights, Petrushka’s experiences as a puppet brought to life and the “Heroes and Villains” season finale evoking adventures through film scores.

Even if not based on a preexisting narrative, a finely crafted piece creates a unique adventure that can’t even be described in words. The symphonies and concertos of Brahms, Saint-Saëns, and Beethoven all take us on such an emotional journey.

Whether the music is a programmatic or not, the ultimate goal is for us to be moved by what we hear –and one of many sources of inspiration is seeing fellow audience members moved by the spirited Folsom Lake Symphony in live performance. And what talent! An acclaimed Broadway star graces the stage for our annual holiday celebration, and virtuoso guest artists shine in solo appearances throughout the year.

But you are the best story, and it’s a win-win. By supporting this marvelous orchestra and introducing the concerts to your family and friends, you get some of the best musical adventures our culture has to offer. It’s at the heart of Candide’s story: the search for “the best of all possible worlds.”

We hope you’ll enjoy the Folsom Lake Symphony’s next season with us.

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  • All programming and guest artists subject to change