Jennifer Yen, cello

Jennifer Yen, celloJennifer, a member of the Folsom Lake Symphony since 2013, began playing cello at
the age of five and received intensive music training in Taiwan. When she immigrated
to the U.S. at the age of nine, she continued to play the cello under the guidance of
Timothy Landauer. She had played in youth, college, and community orchestras
including Stanford Symphony Orchestra, Marshall Symphony and Longview Symphony,
and traveled with the orchestras to places such as Carnegie Hall, Le Sorbonne,
Sheldonian Theatre, and Beijing University. She also played for music producer Adam
Rossi and performed with LUCE at the Fillmore. Jennifer received her M.A. from
Stanford University and Ed.D. from USC. She spent most of her career in the higher
education institutions where she served as a college researcher. Currently, she is an
evaluation consultant for Folsom Lake College. She also teaches at the Folsom
Cordova Unified School District and shares her love for music to young children.