Robin Hood, violin

Robin Hood
Robin Hood, violin

Growing up in the San Francisco bay area Robin’s interest in the violin began in the elementary public-school program in San Carlos.  Playing violin in California Youth Symphony (CYS) during her high school years had a profound effect on her love of classical music and orchestral playing. Aaron Sten, founder and conductor of CYS, taught passion and demanded perfection; both qualities have left a lasting impression on Robin’s past, present and future music endeavors. In 1969, the Youth Symphony traveled to Australia for a month-long concert tour of 4 cities during the time she played with the orchestra. To help finance the trip, benefit concerts with Duke Ellington and Jack Benny provided yet another amazing music experience, not to mention the total honor of playing with these iconic artists!

Robin received a BA in Music from California State University at Chico, as well as an MA in Violin Performance from, California State University at San Francisco. She played in Stockton Symphony for several years and taught Strings, Classroom Music and Spanish in San Juan Unified School District for 34 years, until her retirement in 2009. 

Other interests include playing tennis with her husband, travel, reading, biking and seeking out interesting horseback riding adventures. 

Robin is currently studying violin with Frieda Yang.