Student Night

Student Night at the Symphony

Enhancing music arts and theatre production!

Student Night

Student Night at the Symphony

Student Nights at the Folsom Lake Symphony provide Folsom Lake Regional students and their chaperones access to the final dress rehearsal of the Folsom Symphony performed on the main production stage at Three Stages. Students hear the Symphony rehearse adding polish to the following night’s production performance while being introduced to some of the members and crew who make the productions possible. Generally lasting about two hours, the student nights are recommended for Grades 4 through 12.

  • Audience: Grades 4-12 and chaperones
  • Program Length: Between 1 and 2 hours
  • Curriculum: This program enhances music arts and theatre production.

For more information about the evening or to inquire about tickets, send an email to

Reviews from this year’s Student Access Night held February 13, 2015

From the students of Jeanette Munroe, Director of Folsom Piano Academy (ages 7-16):
1. What was your favorite part about tonight’s concert?

  • “When the orchestra played ‘Girl Crazy’.”
  • “When they played through the entire songs without stopping.”
  • “My favorite part of the symphony was when the conductor said ‘Your parents haven’t heard this song’ and then they played the Bridal song.”
  • “The loud parts.”
  • “My favorite part about tonight’s concert was watching all the different instruments playing their music.”

2. What instrument would you like to learn someday?

  • “I would to learn how to play the harp because it sounded very beautiful.”
  • “I would like to learn the violin someday.”
  • “I would like to learn the bass.”

3. Was this your first live orchestra concert?

  • “Yes, it was and it was truly a great experience.  I would love to go again and bring people along.” – Misbah, age 14

4. Would you like to attend another live orchestral concert someday? Everyone answered yes and here are two favorites:

  • “I would totally love to attend another live orchestral concert someday again to listen to the professional music.” – Athalia, age 12
  • “Yes, because I like it.” – Ziyi, age 7

“The students and families had a great time at the Symphony! I always love that first initial reaction when students hear the fullness of the orchestra, with all it’s different timbres, break through the silence of a space! One little girl sitting in front of me practically jumped out of her seat, turned around to look at me with her eyes full of wonder and amazement! Priceless! Thank you Folsom Lake Symphony for bringing music to life for our youth!” – Jeanette Munroe, Director of Folsom Piano Academy