Maestro’s Message

Maestro16It’s lucky 13 for the Folsom Lake Symphony. As we progress through our thirteenth season, we feel so fortunate that founders Bruce Woodbury, Dick Merz, and Marsha Williams-Miller teamed up with Music Director Emeritus Michael Neumann to form our spirited ensemble. If you’ve been a member of our beloved audience for a while, you’ve been hearing us consistently top ourselves each season. And what a bonus to be able to perform in such an opulent venue as the Harris Center!

Symphonic music is an amazing treasure. Using incredibly rich textures and combinations of orchestral colors that only an orchestra can provide, the music takes us on an emotional journey, making us experience feelings that sometimes can’t even be put into words. It might be difficult to imagine magnificence being coupled with tenderness, yet the Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony does all that for us and more. Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet makes us feel joy, love, power, and tragedy in one package, and Márquez’s Danzón No. 2 evokes a sense of wistfulness delivered in a hot rhythmic drive. And stylistically, composers have been blessed to have such a diversity of styles and inspirations in their midst—Ravel could embrace jazzy harmonies in his Piano Concerto and Bernstein could likewise infuse his West Side Story with a kaleidoscope of Latin and jazz influences.

And what a gift to have such a stellar array of guest artists! Their combination of virtuosity and passion keeps us spellbound. And how about the Folsom Lake Symphony itself? To hear this fine combination of talented musical intellects all collaborate in the excitement of live performance—it simply can’t be beat.

Most of all, you are the gift. You’re our reason for being—we play for you. Thanks for keeping this marvelous enterprise vibrant. Aren’t we all lucky?